this is an article I wrote for Creative Loafing’s “Horror Issue,” released last week. here is the link to my article, with awesome pics courtesy of my artistic wife!   “Mini lights, mini lights, come out tonight. Do you dare to say it thrice? Despite being born and raised in St. Pete, I had not heard of […]

Judith Lorber’s “‘Night to his Day’: The Social Construction of Gender” really spoke to me this week.  I think she had the perfect opening to her piece, not just with describing how gender is to humans what water is to fish [it is 100% everywhere and constantly assumed], but her examples of two fathers in […]

Here is a link to my recent article in Creative Loafing Online. This article focuses on the Florida Holocaust Museum’s 25th Anniversary, and a special series of speakers they will be putting on over the next 25 months. Upon being assigned this article, I was not sure whether to focus on the general details of the Anniversary […]

here’s a little poem i started writing a few months ago, when i shaved my head. since it was my second time doing so, i knew what i was getting into: 1–how beautiful i would feel when i looked in the mirror at myself, and 2–how ugly i would feel once i stepped outside my […]

my eyes are always drawn outside, to the green and yellow and brown and blue world around me. today, like many days when i am supposed to be studying, it is the birdbath that i am focused on. small and round and brown, a little dusty from pollen and old oak leaves, it is less […]

i am realizing that i no longer wish to pursue my PhD. i know that is weird to say, when i am only currently working towards my bachelor’s degree–a PhD is worlds away–but for quite a long time now, i have just “known” that i would continue my education until i got my master’s, and […]

something to think about, inspired by my queer film class: heterocentrism.  an example of this is when you go to a movie and leave wishing there had been more gay characters [i do this often]..but then later realizing that maybe only one or two of the characters actually said something about being in a relationship […]