..wait, what? you have to be published to be a writer?

this week in class, i learned that getting a job [let alone, a career!] writing is pretty damn near impossible.  i am taking a leadership class, and one of our assignments was to search online for a job that interests us.

this is something i haven’t done in years, because i am a full-time student and don’t feel capable of working and being a successful student.  also, i worked at my last job for three years, and the one before that for five.  i fear change.  i can’t handle it!  it took a LOT for me to leave my last job and enroll in school full-time..not because i didn’t WANT it, but because i was terrified.

anyway.  naturally, i looked up writing jobs.  i didn’t have the heart to investigate any teaching jobs, because i want to teach writing at the college level and i know i am a long way from there.  i found some different examples of a job i’d enjoy doing- one was a freelancer and blogger for Creative Loafing, one of my favorite local publications.
if i could combine music and writing, i would be in heaven!

i was terrified to learn that every single writing job i searched required you to submit examples of your published work with your resume.  um..published?  what?  peeing my pants and considering going back to fast food?

i went to class and learned that “published” doesn’t necessarily mean what i thought it meant.  published DOES include books signed by giant publishing companies, of course, but it also includes articles for the school newspaper, articles for online websites, and even blogs!  this is a huge comfort to me, because while i am working on a book, i get writer’s block any time i think about someone reading even one page- let alone sending it out and trying to get it published!  this is why i’m in school- learning, doing things one at a time, step-by-step.

p.s. you can also publish your own book.  so once i’m at the point where i can have money left over after the bills are paid and the wine is bought, i will be golden!


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