Monthly Archives: February 2014

mutter erde

at school today, i went outside and saw the school mascot [a life-sized, feather-filled blue hawk] walking around giving people high fives.  i thought it was hysterical, and it gave me a whole new love for my school.  as i continued walking, the wind hit my face in a way that you only feel when […]

gilded grey guilt

to see, you see she said i wrapped my arms around her and then i walked away. i need to get drunk i need to stay sane your brain is left-handed and i knew it all along. his nose on my feet, he lay on the ground and i wonder why why why does the […]

friday night fun

today, i got my much-awaited package from geri x! for any of those who don’t know, geri x is an amazing local musician that i have been slightly-aka-majorly-obsessed with for the past 8 or 9 years.  i remember seeing her perform for the first time at The Globe, a now-closed but still-famous coffee shop downtown, […]

i got vd in portland

alright, so i didn’t actually catch vd in portland [thankfully]– although i DID get somewhat obsessed with their damnly delicious voodoo doughnuts.  my friend told me that sometimes people get married there; i wanted to, for a while.  then new york made it legal first, and we went to central park and found a perfectly […]


does anyone else have an obsession with native american music?  no?  just me?  cool. so this morning, my wife and i went to a yoga class at our gym.  we both started talking about how we were kind of scared to go.  though we are still beginners, we have been to several yoga classes with […]