does anyone else have an obsession with native american music?  no?  just me?  cool.

so this morning, my wife and i went to a yoga class at our gym.  we both started talking about how we were kind of scared to go.  though we are still beginners, we have been to several yoga classes with this instructor, and we knew what we were getting into [it is a very beginner-friendly, peaceful class].  the crazy thing is, though, that we were both still a little nervous to go!  and i get the same way with spinning class, even though i have been going twice a week regularly since the summer.  it got us to talking about how scared we were the FIRST time we tried yoga, and spinning, and other classes at the gym.  and then we started wondering if everyone [even the “elite” people that we sometimes feel might be judging us] gets like that.

up until summer 2013, any time my mom tried bringing me to a spinning class with her, i refused.  i was intimidated to go to the gym and have people see me work out, and the idea of going to a group fitness class– in a small room with a bunch of people who have all done it before and are probably in wayyy better shape than me– was just too much for me to handle.  even though i was in pretty good shape from running, i still felt completely insecure about working out with other people.

finally, over the summer, i decided to suck it up and try a class.  i had no idea what to expect, because i had never taken a group fitness class before, and i was terrified.  i was used to running, which is more of a “lone wolf” sport [one of the things i love about it!], and i didn’t think i’d enjoy the group setting.  i was feeling empowered from completing the Insanity! Challenge, though, and my younger sister agreed to try it out as well, so i went for it.
and OH.MY.GAD.  i am SO glad i did!!  i had no idea that having other people pushing through the workout would actually HELP me.  it made it more fun, and it also brought back the competitor in me and kept me going hard the whole time.  sure, there are always the people who think their shit don’t stink, but for the most part, everyone was really cool [and focusing on their own damn workout!].  i also loved having an instructor.  our trainer played awesome music and yelled throughout the entire hour.  it was so motivating!!  i learned from doing Insanity! that i love having someone yell at me to push me through it, and this was like bringing Insanity to real life.  HEAVEN!

yoga was the same way.  every instructor is different, and i’m sure that if i went to a yoga studio, they wouldn’t be as relaxed about it [aka may be a yoga snob who hates that i laugh throughout half of the stretches bc i can barely do them], but the yoga classes at my gym absolutely ROCK.  they are very beginner-friendly, and the instructor is relaxed and not intimidating at all.  she always tells us, “this is your practice.  feel free to adjust anything accordingly; i’m just here to guide you.”  she is also a total fox.  namasté 🙂

this basically goes to show that the saying about needing to try things that scare you is true.  touché, eleanor roosevelt.

and now, i leave you to go back to my turquoise nail polish that is already getting messed up [who puts on nail polish while typing?!], native american flutes and chants, sweet-smelling nag champa, and almond-filled dark chocolate



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