friday night fun

today, i got my much-awaited package from geri x!


for any of those who don’t know, geri x is an amazing local musician that i have been slightly-aka-majorly-obsessed with for the past 8 or 9 years.  i remember seeing her perform for the first time at The Globe, a now-closed but still-famous coffee shop downtown, and just being speechless.  i have written about her before, so i’m not going to go on [another] drool-fest rant, but DAMN is this album good!

all i’m saying is, guys, SHE KISSED THAT NOTE.  WITH HER OWN LIPS.  dayummm.

anyway.  i’m cool, i promise.[that is a bold-faced lie.  i’m sorry.]

so last night was my surprise date night/ valentine’s day present to my wife.  we celebrated v-day last friday night with a dinner/dtsp night, which i wrote about, but that was only half of the plan.  my gift to her was a “ticket” for a special date night planned by yours truly–the planning was the real gift, because IHATEPLANNINGSHIT.  i am getting better now, with school and shit, but still.  i don’t like to plan, or confirm, or call places, or make appointments, or go outside of my comfort zone.  i also hate to cook.  so my gift was basically doing all of those things, and surprising her with a fun night of homemade dinner plus a “surprise” date, and then closing the night with dessert downtown.  dinner was talapia; i don’t have a picture of it because honestly, i have been sick of people posting food pics for YEARS and i will only even take a food pic if i have made something that is severely-burnt-and-massively-fucked-up-to-the-point-of-giving-me-the-shits-and-then-i-have-to-skip-yoga-afterwards.  wait, what?

so i made tilapia, which made me realize that i am not so bad at cooking fish [my favorite dish!], and we had a glass of wine, and i snuck some stuff in her truck [i am not allowed to call it a “car”..that is considered disrespectful or something?  who knows] while she wasn’t looking, and then we got ready and ate dinner and then i double-checked the address [THANKGOODNESS] and realized that the place we were going to was not where i thought it we rushed and i got almost lost, and then we found it..and then we arrived!  The Morean Arts Center is an awesome local place with so many awesome art-related and art-promoting things that i can’t even begin to list..but ONE of the things they offer–pottery classes!!  AMAZING!!
we have been having that creative itch for years now, and have been talking about wanting to get more involved with art lately, so i decided that a clay class would be perfect.  it is a class that caters to every skill level, and the instructions were to “bring a towel, your favorite beverage, and a sense of humor!” OHMYGADTHATISPERFECTION.

i packed some wine and cups and towels, and a t-shirt for my wife so i wouldn’t give away anything by telling her to dress in grungy clothes, and we were off!  i was anxious on the drive there [i didn’t know where i was going, and i was driving her fancy truck which i am terrified of, and i was running behind because it was further away than i had planned on], but did my best to stay as calm as possible.  she had no idea where we were going, which made me ECSTATIC because as much as i love being surprised, i also love surprising other people!!!  especially if it’s something i know they’ll enjoy [she is hard to buy for!]
we got there and i was scared because i have NEVER done something like this; i am thirsty for art but also scared of it, and we were going somewhere that neither of us had ever been, blahblahblah iamawkwardandanxious blahblahblah, but as soon as we walked in, i felt GREAT.  there were only a couple of other people plus the instructor, and a few minutes after we got there, more people arrived, and it was just perfect.  VERY low-key, very fun, and the instructor freaking rocked.  her name was doris, and i picture her at home with her wheel and her kiln, wearing a flowy skirt, burning nag champa, making some amazing clay creation and listening to celtic music.  she is a goddess.

the class was two hours, and it was decently priced, and we got to drink wine/beer/whateverwewanted.  my wife and i had a few “ghost” moments [i was demi moore and she was patrick swayze, for the my dreams] where we sang “unchained melody” and pretended that we were naked except for an oversized t-shirt, and it was beautiful and hysterical.
side note: when i was a kid, Ghost [and other movies which weren’t as cool so i forget] came free/discounted with value meals at mcdonald’s.  those were the days.
the group of us all got along well, and each of us made two things, which was cool.  i made two bowls, one of which accidentally had a hole in it, so it will be a flower pot or a practical joke, and the other of which turned into something like the flower cup and saucer from alice in wonderland.  i freaking love them both.  who cares if one is slightly mushed?  doris called it a “gravy bowl”, which made me love her even more.


after pottery and wanting a wheel so i can throw clay [is that the correct way to say it?] constantly, we went to a new place downtown for dessert.  it was delicious and fun, and there was a cool older dude playing the keyboard, which made my heart melt.

we ended the night with a fire pit in our backyard, plus beer and native american music [she knows how to get me, every time!].  it was drizzling rain on-and-off, but not enough to stop the fire, so we were happy.

all-in-all, it was a delicious friday night and i was really reallllyyy glad i didn’t fuck up my date night.  today we spent the day downtown at the farmer’s market for cheap veggies and delicious pizza, and then roamed around going through the free galleries and wanting to buy/make everything we saw.  GADILOVESTPETE!!

now i’m hungry and need family time.  i also need wine.  i’ve been drinking bud light for hours, and i’m sorry, but no.

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