mutter erde

at school today, i went outside and saw the school mascot [a life-sized, feather-filled blue hawk] walking around giving people high fives.  i thought it was hysterical, and it gave me a whole new love for my school.  as i continued walking, the wind hit my face in a way that you only feel when it’s right about to storm.  the clouds were rolling through the sky and the palm tree branches that dot the campus were swaying in the gusts.  as i got closer to my class, i looked to the right of me and saw a plant that was about to bloom–it had several shoots just about to pop out and blossom!!  i have recently realized that watching plants grow is one of my favorite things- it is beautiful in an unparalleled way– and this one was right on the cusp of exploding into all different kinds of colors.

one of my favorite musicians started singing to me though my headphones, the clouds were rolling through the sky, and the birds were hurriedly searching for some respite, but singing the entire way there.  i approached the science building, and realized for the first time that we have a small waterfall there.  there are plants and benches and rocks and a beautiful little waterfall that i can’t wait to sit in front of and relax from the scholastic stress.

i started thinking about my wife and my family and how lucky i am, how lucky we all are, and i had to stop myself from crying.  sometimes i feel like i am absolutely psychotic for being so emotional, and other times, i think it is what saves me from so many things that would otherwise make me a jaded, bitter mess of a human being.



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