Monthly Archives: March 2014

tudor, two-tor, tewter

this week, i started my new job [!!].  i kind of got the job by accident; when i left my last job to go back to school, the plan was that i wasn’t going to work while i was in school full-time, because i have tried that about 983475 times before, and failed miserably. but […]

i am supposed to be doing about ten things right now.  so naturally, here i am, writing in my underwear, cocktail on one side of me, dog on the other. can i just say, that i would MUCH prefer beer or wine to liquor?  because i do.  i don’t know what that means..maybe just that […]

baby’s first passport

i finally got it! belize or bust!

lesbians and long-term relationships and sex, oh my!

i am currently on a romantic date with myself.  so far, the date consists of me, a hot bathtub full of bublles, some scented candles, the book cunt, this journal and pen [i originally wrote this in my journal and then transferred it to my blog], a glass of white wine, and some music [currently […]