Monthly Archives: May 2014

a draft of my st pete pride preview!

this is my first “article” ever, and i am super stoked about it!  [also a bit terrified, haha] As Pride month rapidly approaches, I take a moment to think about the things that make me proud. In addition to being gay, something that I am also proud of is being a second-generation St. Pete native. […]

here’s to you

for when i told you i could tell you needed me, and you said you’d rather watch that motherfucking tv show. for when your eyes glazed over as i read my first soon-to-be-published article aloud to you. for when you told me i “needed to relax”, then got angry because i didn’t clean enough while […]

the denver dames

i went on my very first bachelorette trip last weekend.  first of all, just wondering, since when are they full-on TRIPS?!  i know that this is, actually, my first “rodeo”, but the bachelorette parties that i have always heard of, up until a couple of years ago, were just fun, crazy nights out.  now they […]