the denver dames

i went on my very first bachelorette trip last weekend. 

first of all, just wondering, since when are they full-on TRIPS?!  i know that this is, actually, my first “rodeo”, but the bachelorette parties that i have always heard of, up until a couple of years ago, were just fun, crazy nights out.  now they are full weekends, plane tickets, requesting time off work, jet-lag, hotel bills, and missing your wife and two crazy pups at home

by the way, i am seriously considering writing a letter to someone about the fact that the automatic spell-check on here just underlined “bachelorette” in you know what word it suggested to fix it?  BACHELOR.  areyoufreakingserious.  what year is it?!

BACHELORETTE BACHELORETTE BACHELORETTE bachelorette bachelorette bachelorette BACHELORETTE !!!!!!!!!!

although it was hard, because it was the first time i spent a night apart from my wife since we moved in together about 4 and 1/2 years ago, and i didn’t really know the girls on the trip very well, it was also incredibly beautiful.  we went to denver- a gorgeous, incredible place!  they have a ton of local breweries [which is the latest craze in st. pete], streets so clean that we actually thought they were sidewalks [thank goodness the drivers are patient!], and massive snow-capped mountains.  we hiked a small one- i believe the locals would refer to it as a foothill, actually- and saw dinosaur fossils, folded rocks, and barely sweat at all, because colorado still thinks it’s winter, or something.

the trip was a great experience, and it was a great test-run for when i go to belize for a 10 day study abroad program in a few weeks.  more about that later- just wanted to catch up!




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