Monthly Archives: June 2014

super rainbow warrior– drop ‘bows on it!

lesbiantics! i am listening to queercore music, wearing rainbows on my finger-and-toenails, and getting super excited to don my rainbow gear [flip flops, bow tie, shirt, name it, i’ve got ‘bows on it!] it’s funny, because i used to associate rainbow stuff with “baby dykes” and newly-out gays. when i first came out of […]

my stupid mother

fuck my mother.  no, not really–actually, i feel horrible for saying that.  my mom is my hero.  she is one of the few people i know in my life that i REALLY look up to– i mean, really.  she is my role model in so many ways: beautiful, intelligent, creative, hard-working, generous, hysterical, an amazing […]

shaved hair, don’t care

what does it matter, the length of my hair? what does it matter, we all seem to care. i went from “femme” to “butch”, from “healthy” to “sick”, from “girl” to “boy”, and so many others- but the worst part of it is, i still can’t show my mother. amazed by the support of those […]

back from the bze!

sipping on a guinness and eating chinese takout; watching the newest season of Orange is the New Black on netflix.  yep, i am definitely back in the States. my first study abroad was the biggest adventure i’ve had in my life so far.  it was my first time traveling outside of the U.S. [other than […]