shaved hair, don’t care

shaved hair, don't care

what does it matter, the length of my hair?
what does it matter, we all seem to care.
i went from “femme” to “butch”, from “healthy” to “sick”,
from “girl” to “boy”, and so many others-
but the worst part of it is,
i still can’t show my mother.

amazed by the support of those that know me well,
the fear of others’ opinions is still something i cannot quell.
i shaved off my locks to try to be daring,
yet i still hold my breath when i catch people staring.

there’s a lesson here that i am struggling to learn;
i guess it is one that i have yet to earn.
as for me and my hair, i am starting to see,
let go of your fears, and you shall be free.


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