that time i saw my first pair o’ ballz

okay, don’t let my subject line mislead you: “that time” was actually just a week and a half ago.

i think it was my 28th birthday present: a giant, saggy pair o’ ballz.  i put a “z” at the end because i think that word needs to be dragged out a bit.  at least, when referring to this pair.

this was my face:

resie in keys

my wife and i had a beautiful vacation week to ourselves- we started out in miami for a few days, and spent almost the entire time swimming [possibly naked, possibly wearing nothing but a floppy hat] at my aunt’s temporarily-vacant house [can you say generous?!  we owe her a nice bottle of wine, for offering her house to us while she was out of town!].  then we drove to the keys and spent the next half of the week there.  we drank a lot, pigged out, swam a bit, and walked everywhere!  we were both relieved to see my wife’s truck still parked where we left it our first day there, haha.  it was really nice walking everywhere.

i really love key west- it is extremely similar to st. pete!  i had forgotten that, in the years since i last visited.  i think we are spoiled here, with all of the beautiful houses, the art scene, the music scene, the WATER, the restaurants..downtown, in general!  i have said it for years, and i will continue to say it- i think st. pete is florida’s best-kept secret [or even the southeast’s best-kept secret!].  we do get a lot of tourists, but nothing like some of the other cities here.  and i like it that way.  i like it being a secret.  we’ve gotten more press lately because of all of the local breweries opening up, and the great restaurants- but still, i don’t think people get how much of a local scene there is, until they come here.


anyway.  i had a great birthday week- one of the highlights was going to a gay club and seeing the aforementioned male parts.  i don’t know how he did it, but the dancer somehow dropped them out of his speedo- and i somehow wasn’t that surprised to see them [i guess, being in gay clubs fairly often, i am more surprised that i hadn’t seen them sooner in my life!].  they were much larger and MUCH droopier than i had pictured- but then again, pornography is not very diverse when it comes to body parts, and that had been my only exposure up until this point.

we stayed at a gay hotel called pearl’s: 
it was exactly what we needed- super casual, kind of tacky, delicious drinks from an awesome bartender, and close to everything!  other than frequenting as many of the bars and clubs as possible [haha], we also toured the hemingway house [which was awesome!] and, of course, went to the kinos warehouse [i got two pairs, haha].  we also visited a local artists’ co-op, where we met some artists and purchased a few cute small paintings for our house. 

school starts next week, and i am feeling my anxiety and stress levels jump up already!  i spent most of today trying to brainstorm and shuffle around my fall schedule so that i can take an art class at night- i have been thirsty for it for quite a while now!  i spent last year working my ass off in challenging classes, and i know i’ll be doing that again this year- might as well add some challenging classes that i’ll enjoy!



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