zine queen

i am thinking about starting a ‘zine!!  rather, i am GOING TO start a zine!!!!!  i am super stoked about it.  the thought has crossed my mind on occasion for years, and more frequently over this past one.  i feel like st. pete is kind of perfect for it.  there are plenty of lesbians here, though i honestly don’t know many very well [which is probably a good thing, considering the incestuous nature of the “lesbian cliques”].  just as importantly, too, st. pete is REALLY one of those medium-sized cities that is fairly underrated.  i have always said we are florida’s best-kept secret, and i still believe that.  actually, i think st. pete is one of the best-kept secrets in the entire southeastern united states.

there are so many smart, creative minds out there.  i am just now starting to realize how active our literary scene is, and our art scene.  there are tons of people here who support local businesses, and it seems that there are more and more people every weekend at the markets, and at local business’ openings.

anyway.  i really want to do it, and i think people would enjoy it- i know i would love having a zine here.

the question is, what do i put in it?  i definitely want it geared towards womyn, especially but not exclusively gay womyn.  i want to focus on women with local businesses, women artists, women musicians, women writers.

hm.  i think i just figured out the content part, haha.  also, my wife and i have discussed an advice column that she could write for it, which i think would be cool.  she gives pretty awesome advice [even if i don’t always want to listen to it, haha].

now how the hell do i start this thing?  🙂


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