Monthly Archives: January 2015

why we decided not to get married again [five]

earlier this month, florida officially joined the thirty-five other states that allow same-sex marriage.  the fact that 36 states allow same-sex marriage now is totally amazing, and the fact that florida is one of them just blows my mind!  florida is such a divided state; there are so many conservatives and so many liberals; politics are […]

free art friday! [four]

as you can see from the picture above, today was Free Art Friday!!  FAF is one of the many things i adore about St. Pete. nearly 100 local artists venture downtown throughout the day on fridays, leaving out free pieces of art for anyone to pick up!  pieces range from drawings to paintings to handmade […]

git it [three]

yesterday i was on my way home from an afternoon appointment with my adviser, and pulled up to a red light. when i looked to my right, i saw the driver of the car next to me jacking off. i shit you not. he was really going at it hard, too. seeing as how we […]

always wild [two]

i’m sitting on the couch listening to native american music and switching between homework and pinterest. i am pretending to spend more time on howework, which we know is just not the case. my mug is full of warm green tea rather than crisp white wine, and i can’t say that i miss the wine […]

new writing challenge

last night, we attended “Writers in Paradise”, an event at a local college celebrating writers. it was amazing! it’s going on all week, and we plan to go again later this week. there were two authors that spoke and read from some of their work. the first read a short story, and the second read […]