always wild [two]

i’m sitting on the couch listening to native american music and switching between homework and pinterest. i am pretending to spend more time on howework, which we know is just not the case.
my mug is full of warm green tea rather than crisp white wine, and i can’t say that i miss the wine right now because my head is aching from the several pieces of dark chocolate i just consumed. it’s almost as if i’ve just woken up slightly hung over: eyes not as sharp as usual, head slightly pounding, attention span almost nonexistent.
it’s half past five which means that the sun is setting on the homes along the street and soon only the top halves of the trees will be bright; their bottoms dark and fading into the twilight.
giant groups of super-green parrots call to one another at the top of their lungs, and i laugh to myself because if she were home, she would roll her eyes at them, saying that “all because someone decided to free their pet parrot; now they are everywhere!” and really i know the opposite is true.
to me, their squawks are cries of delight and excitement, and i love the way they sound. maybe if people wouldn’t try to keep wild animals as personal pets, we would get to hear more of them, and different types, too.
people always want to contain what they perceive as beautiful, only to find that beauty and intricacy cannot be trapped, and the things that once intrigued them now irritate them or confuse them or embarrass them.
if you bring a plant inside it may also bring gnats; people grow annoyed with the way a pet bird sings too loudly, the way a dog barks too frequently.
you will resent them and they will feel it. you will call it acting up; they are only doing what is in their nature.


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