new writing challenge

last night, we attended “Writers in Paradise”, an event at a local college celebrating writers. it was amazing! it’s going on all week, and we plan to go again later this week. there were two authors that spoke and read from some of their work. the first read a short story, and the second read from her most recent book. it only lasted about an hour total, but it rocked. it is so inspiring to see other writers, successful writers, writers who have made a career out of their writing. we bought two books, one of which was written by the second writer speaking. we even got her to sign it 🙂

it really inspired me to write more–more importantly, it inspired me to start working on writing things that i am going to share, to hopefully publish. i actually write all of the time- it’s just that i usually keep it hidden in my own personal journal, which i keep absolutely to myself. i write this blog, and i have written some articles for that website, but most frequently, i journal just for myself.

afterwards, my wife came up with an idea: write one page for an entire year. i really loved the idea, and she suggested that i do it. so, here i go. i have not yet decided whether i will keep it on here, or start a new blog for it–it is just hard to find my niche, and hard to stick with what i think could possibly be it. we’ll see.

still no developments on the zine front; i went to a Zine Fest a couple of weeks ago and was pretty disappointed. it didn’t seem fun and underground and raw; it honestly didn’t even seem like real zines. but everyone has their own definitions of things, i guess, and if i want something different, i should go ahead and create it myself, right?


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