git it [three]

yesterday i was on my way home from an afternoon appointment with my adviser, and pulled up to a red light. when i looked to my right, i saw the driver of the car next to me jacking off.
i shit you not.
he was really going at it hard, too. seeing as how we had just pulled off of the exit, i can only assume that the bridge was not as long of a drive as he had anticipated [or perhaps he was not as “quick to draw” as he had anticipated]. rather than stop at the light, though, ol’ man jack just kept on going!
i was pretty shocked, and also kind of impressed. i mean, it takes a certain type of character to masturbate in his car, with no tint on the windows, in the middle of the day, at a freaking STOP LIGHT!
it was pretty hysterical and i wanted to take a picture, but i really don’t think it’s right to take pictures of random people who are unaware they are being photographed [not saying i have never done it..just saying i try not to].
i didn’t get a glimpse of “the goods”, because his car was about the same height as mine, but i think he ended on a good note, because when two lights in front of us turned green [our light was still red], he took off!
you go, boy-o.


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