free art friday! [four]


as you can see from the picture above, today was Free Art Friday!!  FAF is one of the many things i adore about St. Pete.

nearly 100 local artists venture downtown throughout the day on fridays, leaving out free pieces of art for anyone to pick up!  pieces range from drawings to paintings to handmade objects; even framed photographs!

participating in free art friday is something i have wanted to do for quite some time, but with my tutoring job nearly every friday last semester, i didn’t get the chance to do it.  today i decided to put off my homework [it is only friday, after all] and spend some time outside.  i am so glad that i did!  i found a really cute small drawing and even got to see some of the artists putting their art around downtown.  i checked the facebook page to see if anyone had posted anything, and saw that one of the artists had placed a beautiful [framed!!] photo inside one of the beautiful banyan trees downtown!  i immediately knew that i had to pick it up as a present to my wife.  it took me nearly an hour to get over there, and i thought someone would have scooped it up before me [this stuff goes QUICKLY!], but when i got there, put two dimes in the parking meter, and spent a few minutes walking around, i found it!!

as i was reading the attached card and looking at the photograph, a couple of old ladies approached me, asking what i was holding and looking at.  i showed them, and explained Free Art Friday to them, and sent them on their own mission to hunt for some art!

it is things like this that i absolutely love about st. pete.  the local feel, the community full of artists who are willing to share their work, the way that you can stand by a beautiful banyan next to the museum and end up finding an amazing piece of art and having a wonderful conversation with strangers.

after my art-finding adventure, i went to the “secret beach” downtown [it is actually no secret..there are pull-up bars and volleyball courts and lots of people know it’s there, but it’s never crowded and most people don’t know it’s there, haha] and dipped my feet in the [freezing!] water, walked through the sand, sat down and watched the waves and the birds and felt the stormy winds approaching.


happy friday to one and all!


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