Monthly Archives: May 2015

an ode to ireland, day one

ireland i loved you before i met you, yet i knew ye in me heart.  music and nature and genuine welcoming, how is’t we’ll ever part? you opened your lands as i opened my mind, every corner i turned was a lesson to learn- the people will make you feel quite at home here; and […]

the birds and the bees

today is a day for watching cardinals in the trees~on the feeder~through the breeze you wouldn’t believe me if i told you above the sky beneath the water i’m someone’s daughter but you never sought her constantly fighting the urge to submerge in all that you purge–but i cannot resist, you kill me with your […]

black lab bliss


the birds tend to look so small from here, as tiny dots of time mix into the sides of my beer. with such sore muscles and an ever-happy heart, i am brought now today to this lingering art. things i am learning.. if someone made a mixtape about me i would want it to include “attaboy.” moderation is […]