ireland, day six

the silence is shouting at us in this sterile, cold house. i can hear the blood rushing through my veins, in my ears. every time i swallow it sounds like a gulp; every breath is a gasp. 

little signs posted everywhere–at each window, in each corner, taped beside each appliance. capital letters in hurried scrawl, urging guests not to do this, please, and definitely don’t do that. all conclude with a command: “enjoy your stay.” 

the harshness of the house contrasts almost comically with the unbelievable landscape surrounding it. erotic poppies in bloom, defiant and beautiful, giant bumblebees floating through the rose bushes, magnificent waves crashing against stone, and the mountains–oh, the mountains!  it will take your breath away. nature and life and nourishment, everything is so alive that one can constantly feel•hear•smell•taste• the electrifying buzz of it all. 

seventy shades of emerald in every direction. 


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