Monthly Archives: July 2015

sunrise sale in st. pete

   this morning was the “sunrise in st. pete” sale. i heard about it last year, but didn’t want to spend those precious morning hours [when i normally sleep the best] awake and shopping downtown, of all things!  i am so glad that, thanks to my “morning person” of a wife, we went this time! […]

coffee pot stroll

   this morning i woke up slightly hungover and somehow also energetic. i decided to take advantage of it, and also to rid myself of the hangover, by going for a long & slow walk. i laced up and hit the pavement, originally intending to go for 3 miles. by the time i got here […]

florida mornings and musings

as my wife likes to say, “the days are long, but the years are short”.  i couldn’t agree more.  so much of our lives are spent wishing away several hours of the day that we “have to” spend at work, in class, in traffic, rushing around.  my summer break is more than halfway over, and […]