coffee pot stroll

this morning i woke up slightly hungover and somehow also energetic. i decided to take advantage of it, and also to rid myself of the hangover, by going for a long & slow walk. i laced up and hit the pavement, originally intending to go for 3 miles. by the time i got here [where i snapped the pic], though, i saw so much life and beauty that i just kept going. 3 miles turned into 5 and i realized that even though i really miss running, and always will [until my knees are ok enough to do it again], there are some awesome things about walking! 

i am so glad i had the realization that just because i can’t run, doesn’t mean i can’t continue to do half marathons. it never hit me until recently that i can still be an athlete, i just will be an athlete that walks 13.1 miles, walks 26.2 miles, walks the “run” portion of triathlons. i have been so much happier lately, feeding off of the delicious post-swim, post-bike, and post-walk endorphins. i have been able to think more clearly and though i haven’t really lost weight yet, i am seeing my muscles again and feeling more in shape finally. i’m getting there.  


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