Monthly Archives: November 2015


  today i am reading slowly on the wraparound porch i’ve always dreamed of.  i have fallen in love with history, herstory, story, thanks to a professor with a great deal of patience and an exceptional ability to embrace the socratic method.  i have realized that history is not untouchable; if anything, it is the exact opposite.  […]


     more chicago..because it hit me so hard that i cannot pretend it was forced or that i was just “making the most of it”.  funny faces and unfamiliar places i don’t remember the last time i saw you i know it was good–it was really, REALLY good– but it’s been so long since it […]

chicago trip!

got back from chicago a couple of days ago! the trip was something i was super scared, nervous, & anxious about!!  it ended up blowing my mind [ wonder it is called the “windy city”!!] i faced my fear of public speaking and moderated a panel..twice!! i traveled without my wife and spent nearly a […]

what are you waiting for?

“love me like you do” is a song i will probably never get sick of.  i don’t care how mainstream it is, or whatever; it’s one of those songs that just gets IN’s the instruments and the voices and the energy of it all. anyway.  i haven’t written in a while and i am […]