university life, week two

canoeing was cancelled in Nature Writing class due to high winds. after defining  ecocriticism and discussing various theories regarding the connections and relationships between humans and the natural world, we got out early to work on an alternative assignment. came to the student center and am eating spring rolls and french fries. there are no free refills here. 85 cents each. maybe they are trying to get students to drink less soda?

plastic surgery commercials on all of the tv’s and florence + the machine on the speakers. the booths are comfy and there are not many people in here, although it is nearly 5pm on a friday. i will be back for the french fries, definitely. still feeling ripped off about the soda. 

for some reason, when we go canoeing we are not allowed to pick up or clean up any litter. something about being in nature without letting yourself try to fix it, or change it, or judge it. it doesn’t totally make sense to me, but i guess that’s what this class is for. 

does anyone else always seem to grossly overestimate the amount of ketchup they will need for their fries?


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