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i am realizing that i no longer wish to pursue my PhD. i know that is weird to say, when i am only currently working towards my bachelor’s degree–a PhD is worlds away–but for quite a long time now, i have just “known” that i would continue my education until i got my master’s, and […]

university life, week two

canoeing was cancelled in Nature Writing class due to high winds. after defining  ecocriticism and discussing various theories regarding the connections and relationships between humans and the natural world, we got out early to work on an alternative assignment. came to the student center and am eating spring rolls and french fries. there are no […]

the grind

i am sitting at a small booth in the corner of the campus coffee shop, eating the most delicious homemade black bean burger i have ever had in my life!  i can’t believe i’m really here. here at this university, here on this campus, here in this café. i am here and i am a […]

write right

i haven’t been able to write, really write, since i showed my wife an essay i was working on for my someday-book.  i don’t know why i am so embarrassed and insecure about my writing–i think it is just because i am embarrassed/shy/insecure about most things, and about myself in general. i know that i have to […]


  today i am reading slowly on the wraparound porch i’ve always dreamed of.  i have fallen in love with history, herstory, story, thanks to a professor with a great deal of patience and an exceptional ability to embrace the socratic method.  i have realized that history is not untouchable; if anything, it is the exact opposite.  […]


     more chicago..because it hit me so hard that i cannot pretend it was forced or that i was just “making the most of it”.  funny faces and unfamiliar places i don’t remember the last time i saw you i know it was good–it was really, REALLY good– but it’s been so long since it […]

chicago trip!

got back from chicago a couple of days ago! the trip was something i was super scared, nervous, & anxious about!!  it ended up blowing my mind [ wonder it is called the “windy city”!!] i faced my fear of public speaking and moderated a panel..twice!! i traveled without my wife and spent nearly a […]