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mini lights, mini lights, come out tonight…

this is an article I wrote for Creative Loafing’s “Horror Issue,” released last week. here is the link to my article, with awesome pics courtesy of my artistic wife!   “Mini lights, mini lights, come out tonight. Do you dare to say it thrice? Despite being born and raised in St. Pete, I had not heard of […]

Florida Holocaust Museum Article

Here is a link to my recent article in Creative Loafing Online. This article focuses on the Florida Holocaust Museum’s 25th Anniversary, and a special series of speakers they will be putting on over the next 25 months. Upon being assigned this article, I was not sure whether to focus on the general details of the Anniversary […]

turning thirty

for me, thirty will be letting go of the guilt; allowing my self to be free, crawlingstumblingRUNNING towards my destiny, not embarrassed to be seen while whispering to the trees because, as it turns out, they have lots to say to me. for me, thirty will be being a gentler wife, with more generosity. still feisty […]

university life, week two

canoeing was cancelled in Nature Writing class due to high winds. after defining  ecocriticism and discussing various theories regarding the connections and relationships between humans and the natural world, we got out early to work on an alternative assignment. came to the student center and am eating spring rolls and french fries. there are no […]

the grind

i am sitting at a small booth in the corner of the campus coffee shop, eating the most delicious homemade black bean burger i have ever had in my life!  i can’t believe i’m really here. here at this university, here on this campus, here in this café. i am here and i am a […]


  today i am reading slowly on the wraparound porch i’ve always dreamed of.  i have fallen in love with history, herstory, story, thanks to a professor with a great deal of patience and an exceptional ability to embrace the socratic method.  i have realized that history is not untouchable; if anything, it is the exact opposite.  […]

an ode to ireland, day one

ireland i loved you before i met you, yet i knew ye in me heart.  music and nature and genuine welcoming, how is’t we’ll ever part? you opened your lands as i opened my mind, every corner i turned was a lesson to learn- the people will make you feel quite at home here; and […]