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the birds and the bees

today is a day for watching cardinals in the trees~on the feeder~through the breeze you wouldn’t believe me if i told you above the sky beneath the water i’m someone’s daughter but you never sought her constantly fighting the urge to submerge in all that you purge–but i cannot resist, you kill me with your […]

i’ve done enough, i’ve had enough, i will never be enough [seven]

i love the way my foot curves along your back i love the way you’re so dear to me, up until that shocking smack dead eyes meet your smile, and i know that something’s wrong- the only question left is, to which apology do i belong?

why we decided not to get married again [five]

earlier this month, florida officially joined the thirty-five other states that allow same-sex marriage.  the fact that 36 states allow same-sex marriage now is totally amazing, and the fact that florida is one of them just blows my mind!  florida is such a divided state; there are so many conservatives and so many liberals; politics are […]