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gender as a social construct

Judith Lorber’s “‘Night to his Day’: The Social Construction of Gender” really spoke to me this week.  I think she had the perfect opening to her piece, not just with describing how gender is to humans what water is to fish [it is 100% everywhere and constantly assumed], but her examples of two fathers in […]

what if

here’s a little poem i started writing a few months ago, when i shaved my head. since it was my second time doing so, i knew what i was getting into: 1–how beautiful i would feel when i looked in the mirror at myself, and 2–how ugly i would feel once i stepped outside my […]

queer considerations

something to think about, inspired by my queer film class: heterocentrism.  an example of this is when you go to a movie and leave wishing there had been more gay characters [i do this often]..but then later realizing that maybe only one or two of the characters actually said something about being in a relationship […]