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chicago trip!

got back from chicago a couple of days ago! the trip was something i was super scared, nervous, & anxious about!!  it ended up blowing my mind [ wonder it is called the “windy city”!!] i faced my fear of public speaking and moderated a panel..twice!! i traveled without my wife and spent nearly a […]

ireland, day eight

galway: new york meets saint petersburg a beautiful blend of locals and travelers every place we go alike yet completely different guards up, tweezers down the beautiful river that we get to wake up to chilly, but for the sunshine waiting for the music the music  the music and dancing the “funky town” whose only […]

ireland, day six

the silence is shouting at us in this sterile, cold house. i can hear the blood rushing through my veins, in my ears. every time i swallow it sounds like a gulp; every breath is a gasp.  little signs posted everywhere–at each window, in each corner, taped beside each appliance. capital letters in hurried scrawl, […]

an ode to ireland, day one

ireland i loved you before i met you, yet i knew ye in me heart.  music and nature and genuine welcoming, how is’t we’ll ever part? you opened your lands as i opened my mind, every corner i turned was a lesson to learn- the people will make you feel quite at home here; and […]